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Lost Relics: Completed
Data stood in the doorway, phaser in a slack hand with his face placid and cast loose of emotion. Lore was almost afraid. His brother, whom he had both saved and tried to murder, gazed at him indifferently.
"You should be careful with that, Brother. Someone could get hurt." Lore continued punching in codes.
"I'm willing to forget your lapse of judgment back there, and take you with me. We don't need anyone else. We're brothers." His thoughts were clear. He wanted Data with him. But it was obvious he would not come willingly, Lore would have to take him by force. His brother's life in the Federation was over. He could not help but picture Data standing alone in a court martial, being sentenced to be stripped down and disassembled. At least he would be allowed to live under his brother's care… Data would come to forgive him in their solitude.
"I will give you the emotion chip our father designed for you. It contains more than just simple feelings… it has memories." Lore tou
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Happy Activation Day, Lore. by lediskko0fWOE Happy Activation Day, Lore. :iconlediskko0fwoe:lediskko0fWOE 18 2 ID by lediskko0fWOE ID :iconlediskko0fwoe:lediskko0fWOE 0 0 Lore: The Most Toys by lediskko0fWOE Lore: The Most Toys :iconlediskko0fwoe:lediskko0fWOE 4 2
Lost Relics: Chapter 1
Legal Disclaimer; Star Trek: The Next Generation and character(s) Lore are © of Gene Roddenberry.
Chapter 1
The heat was exhausted from Lore's body in a matter of moments as he rematerialized in silent, icy space. Anger shrouded him even more forcefully than it had before. The Enterprise winked out in a flash. His dear brother, how he hated him. He swore that if he ever found him again, Lore would make him suffer for his betrayal. But his anger was soon replaced with panic at the recognition of his situation. His systems would not support him in the cold environment for very much longer. He begged and pleaded with some unknown deity that someone, anyone, would find him again. He gazed at the distant sun, which shined into his eyes with a blazing intensity. Lore's functions began to give out one at a time until his thoughts slowed to a trickle and his body went numb.
The mind numbing sounds of the Federation clearance office proved to have little soothi
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Secret Movie Night by lediskko0fWOE Secret Movie Night :iconlediskko0fwoe:lediskko0fWOE 97 36
Icarus: Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Thor remembered plummeting over a drop. An intense pain in his head and water… cold water, enveloping him, needing to breath. He was surrounded by a thickness, his mouth gagged with some kind of gummy knot of reeds. He had small amounts of air but when he opened his eyes he only discovered thick green water around him, above him and darkness beneath him. Thor struggled with the bindings around his wrists, he needed air. He felt his senses growing foggy, the need for air constricting his brain and uncomfortable blackness ensnaring his consciousness. All the while he could still hear that same haunting melody drifting through his thoughts.
Loki felt the fog drifting over his skin before it began to cloud its way into his vision. He stumbled further down the path until a lake loomed into view. The water was pitch-black, creating a dark, mirror surface. This was the kind of water that made him nervous. He had absolutely no idea what was under the glassy blanket but he coul
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Icarus: Chapter 2
Chapter 2
The Rubicon islands were no sort of paradise. Barren rock strewn together with rocky gray soil speckled with brown moss and black lichen. Pools of water trickled down from the falls, the sky was murky under the layer of clouds separating the two masses of land. Loki became distinctly aware of a sharp pain in his left shoulder and of the blood trickling down his slight chest. He sat for a moment in the frigid pool. The chilled water soaked through his skin and he suppressed a shiver. Allowing his body to relax, the cold seeped into him and he was numb to its effects. Thor…
Loki remembered his brother and shook his head, quickly taking up a defensive stance, crouching and watching for any signs of movement. Only a foggy quiet met his senses. Loki swallowed hard, trying to fight back his fears as visions of Thor's body being drawn under the surface of the water and drowned drifted through his mind. Loki clutched at his shoulder, Thor had only been gone a matter o
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Icarus – White Hinterland
Chapter 1
Loki caught a large pack that Thor tossed at him from atop of the stone wall and smirked. It was always his prerogative to be the first one to step foot somewhere forbidden to the two of them. He was also very often the blunt of the blame for these modest adventures that he shared with his brother but he had never really cared. These adventures he shared with his brother, they were some of the rare times when he could actually feel like Thor's equal.
To reach their destination they made a three kilometer hike through dense forest following alongside a large creek, twisted in between some of the more stout mountains of Western Asgard. The creek was fed by snowmelt as well as the one open spring located near the mouth of the delta. Instead of leading to an ocean as an outlet, the river dropped down to smaller group of islands, the largest named Rubicon Falls. The point of no return, this island was home to legends of the Nyx.
Stories wer
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Guide to Fancharacters by ~Fullmetal-Phantom
If a family history is known, it is set.
Suppose the main character is known to have a mother who visits occasionally, a father who is dead, and a younger sister who is a regular character. Your character is not his long-lost twin, because he has no long-lost twin - you would think that he, or at least his mother, would be aware of another child, now wouldn't they? Attempting this causes your character to feel shoehorned in, and it won't leave your viewers particularly pleased.

Ahahahaha. I don't have to create a long lost twin brother because DATA ALREADY HAS ONE.


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